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Trustee Message

Shri Pramod R. Kamat

Indeed the field of education, canvas the way to aspire valuable benefits to a human being. Hence, we see many worthy quotes on education coming from several eminent personalities. However, the worthiness’ of these quotes can become a reality only when earnest attempts are made to implement those concepts and execute its working aptly and promptly.

Romasha International School puts forth its first step with this thought in mind and makes its progress on this path by primarily identifying the roles and the vital tows prints in this frame of education. The ongoing future steps culminate in the collective efforts of the members and staff of Romasha International School in getting hold of the crux of the educational concepts followed by its implementation.

The implementation involves planning and developing suitable ways and meaning together with equipping the staff to strive for achieving the goals of vision and missions of Romasha International School.

We are convinced that although teachers’ role in extremely important in the field of education, yet great it may be the focus point of our endeavour can never be other than the development of the students. Having identified the role and focus points the next step envisaged is to set and prepare the students and the teachers to carry on their workings in the long journey of education.

No doubt that the journey of education is quite long, ever going and equally adventures. Still the key for this success of this adventure certainly lies in the quality of the companionship between the teacher and the student which has to be lively, friendly and of course joyful. As such before they depart to take up their journey a piece of advice for their success can be a right blessing.

Finally, we aspire a win-win situation where in the student gets well educated and at the same time the teachers also enrich their knowledge in order to quench the thirst of knowledge down pouring through questions from the students.

We look forward to see along with the parents of our students at the other end of the journey with garlands of appreciation to welcome and honour our students and teachers for their successful educational man making trip imparted by the collective team efforts of members, teachers and staff of Romasha International School.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you onboard to join us and experience this journey for aspiring right means values of education to benefit your children and are nation at large.