Romasha International School

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Ramchandrapuram, Bangalore


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Secretary Message

Mr. Amit Kamat

Romasha International School is an outcome of a concern, a concern about the current education system in India and a dream to provide something that addresses this concern and makes education purposeful. Marks or grades have been the sole purpose of education since a long time in our country, where children develop only bookish knowledge, with hardly any problem solving abilities and creative skills; this has been a major concern which has resulted in our youth being branded as unskilled because of our outdated education system.

Yes, it is true that we cannot function without marks and certificates as the entire education system is currently based on it and we have to fit in. But can we create a learning environment that goes beyond this, an environment of real education that builds character, discipline, creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, sports, culture and team work skills.

It has been a dream come true for us, a miracle one can say, as day in and day out, right from the year 2014, we have established and since then striving hard to achieve this glorious purpose of real education.

It takes great dedication and strong commitment from our teachers, administration and support staff to achieve our goals. We are proud to offer a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to expand their interests. Our talented staffs bring skills and enthusiasm to their work each day to provide for our students a safe, caring and learning environment, access to technology, and relevant learning opportunities that prepares them for success in the 21st Century.

We appreciate the support of our wonderful Parent Community. For our students to be successful, we feel it is imperative that parents be fully involved in the education of their children. I know it is hard for working parents, but I ask you to find the time, every day, to help your children to take responsibility for their learning. Most of all, I ask parents to be proud of your child’s accomplishments as you see their overall personality development.

This website is a hub for all of us. I invite you all to explore this website and the many academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs we offer. If you are a prospective student, I welcome you to join us. If you are a parent, you will gain insight of all possibilities we offer for your child. If you are an alumni, I invite you to support us through your contributions. Our website is filled with useful information for anyone interested in learning more about our school. Each page is designed to give the viewer a look into who we are as a school.

Thank you for the on-going support.